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We are a San Francisco web based company offering beautiful designer perfumes and colognes that are long lasting and alcohol free.

Our rich perfume oils are not the original trademarked fragrance - these perfumes are reformulated from only the purest natural essential oils to smell the same. The name is purely for reference, however the recreated fragrance oil will last longer on your skin, and up to 12 years in the bottle! In fact, one 1/4 oz bottle of our perfume oil equals about the lasting power of 4 bottles of alcohol based perfume when worn daily!

Lasting Power - 1-2 drops each day:
1/4 oz = 6-12 months
1/2 oz = 1-2 years
1 oz = 2-4 years

When you purchase a 1 oz Designer Fragrance for only $110, and it lasts this long, think of the savings!

We also offer a wide range of House Blends & Imported Oils, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, and Single Note Domestic Oils - If you're looking for something unique just ask us - we will do our best to locate it for you!

In addition to offering fine fragrance oils, we are customizing the beauty of fragrance in our premium Bath and Body Products - you can scent your lotion or body wash to match your favorite fragrance! We even carry men's shaving products!

If the body product you are looking for is not online yet, keep checking back as we are trying to offer new and exciting products each month!

Helping you smell "Scentsational" one fragrance at a time!