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NOTE: These oils are created to ressemble the designer perfumes. The names are used only for reference and are not that of the original perfume designer.

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Women's Fragrance Designer Chanel
Allure Sensuelle NEW Allure Sensuelle NEW
Created in 2005 by Jacques Polge, this fragrance has citrus, fruity and floral notes, and with warm wooden accords. Allure Sensuelle is warmer than the traditional Allure, with a powdery Iris floral note and heightened oriental notes. The sweeter candied fruit notes are not obtruding, but hidden in sensual spices and frankincense.

The top notes contain bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper. The heart is composed of jasmine, rose, iris, candied fruits and vetiver followed by the base notes of French vanilla, amber, patchouli and frankincense.
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Allure Allure
Fresh and citrusy at the beginning, it opens in lavishing floral heart to wooden and vanilla nuances and leaves lingering and fickle scent. Fresh lemon and bergamot, with fruity mandarin and peach, floral with the rose of May, jasmine, water lily, peony, magnolia, orange blossom, and finishes with a nice base of sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla.
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Chance Chance
Created with daring young women in mind, the intoxicating new Chanel Chance scent blends the freshness of citron and hyacinth with the warmth and spiciness of amber of patchouli and jasmine for an unexpected combination of notes.
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Chanel No. 22 Chanel No. 22
A brilliant, white, shimmering fragrance speaking of romance and joy. Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang and Rose moves through Vanilla to Incense, spiked with a touch of Vetiver.
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Chanel No. 5 Chanel No. 5
This classic floral scent conquers the passing of trends and remains a favorite. Main Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Amber.
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Coco Chanel Coco Chanel
The notes of this fragrance are stong yet cool; floral yet sweet; a timeless classic that make will make you fall in love all over again. Main Notes: Fruity Notes, Rose, Tuberose, Civet.
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Coco Madmoiselle Coco Madmoiselle
A very fresh and clean yet spicy sweet blend that whispers to any daring and sexy woman. Combines notes of jasmine, bergamot and orange, with hints of warm musk.
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Cristalle Cristalle
A light essence that combines the charm of flowers and the fruity tang of citrus. Main Notes: Hyacinth, Peach, Melon, Oakmoss.
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