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Citrine Citrine
Citrine is a quartz crystal, an amethyst burnt by slow heat to a bright yellow or amber. Choose yellow Citrine soap for your morning shower when you may need a startup, and Amber Citrine soap for burnishing your body at dusk.

Fragrance: Cucumber Citrus Gardenia
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Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz, a pink variety of common, hexagonal quartz, was once used by the ancient Romans to cool their palms. Some things don't change. Stay cool with your rosy SoapRock, the romantic color of the petals you pressed inside your favorite book.

Fragrance: Ylang & Moss
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Wave Soap Stone Dish Wave Soap Stone Dish
Our intricately carved Soap Stone Dish will keep your Soap Rocks dry and extend their life.
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