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Candle Diffusers & Incense Candle Diffusers & Incense

Looking for an alternate way to fragrance a room without sprays that never last? Diffuse your favorite scent!
Coo Candles Coo Candles

Fragrance without the flame!
Gem Potpourri Gem Potpourri

Unscented crystal potpourris are made from natural salt crystals harvested from the finest sources and infused with vibrant colors. Ready to be fragranced.
Plug In Diffusers Plug In Diffusers

Quality oil diffusers that use electricity instead of flames to warm the oil and fragrance your space.
Reed Diffusers Reed Diffusers

A stylish way to fragrance your home or office. Match your favorite bottle with any scent available on our site to create the perfect set!
Soy Candles Soy Candles

Hand poured soy candles use kosher soy oil so they burn cleaner than paraffin-based candles. The wax pool is warm to the touch, and hydrates and protects the skin.
Toilet Spritz Toilet Spritz

Simply spritz 3-6 pumps on the surface of the water in your toilet before you go. Creates a natural odor barrier for your toilet.