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Honey Dust Honey Dust
Wonderful, edible body powder in a sweet honeysuckle flavor. Comes in a tin with a fun feather duster to apply the powder with.
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Intensifying Gel for Women Intensifying Gel for Women
Satisfy desire with sensations you've only dared to imagine. This gently stimulating gel, designed exclusively for women, intensifies female intimate response and encourages wonderfully renewing sensual enjoyment. Blended from a unique formulation of nature's most proven sexually enhancing herbal stimulants, these gels are designed to deliver optimum results, sending you blissfully to the brink and beyond. Use it sparingly, indulge yourself often.
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Oil of Love Oil of Love

"Tingly warmth to tempt more than just the lips with Kama Sutra Oils of Love. Rub a few drops of any of these magical potions wherever desire leads you. Slippery to the touch, warm to the skin and irresistible to the tongue, these delicately scented oils arouse your lover with a tingly glow..."
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Pleasure Balm Pleasure Balm
Pleasure Balm (Stimulating)
This specially formulated gel imparts a tingling and refreshing sensation. Dermatologist tested & Latex Safe.

Pleasure Balm (Desensitizing - Only Mint)
This long-time best seller imparts a tingling and slightly numbing sensation to prolong sensual experiences with a tantalizing scent of fresh mint. Note: This product is NOT latex safe. Dermatologist Tested.

To use: Apply a small portion to your favorite pleasure point. Use more as desired.
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Single Milk Chocolate Body Paint Single Milk Chocolate Body Paint
"For those who have been tempted by their creative side, indulge your artistic muse with this decadently rich body paint. "
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