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Linen, Herbal, Juniper Breeze
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Linen, Herbal, Juniper Breeze
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Fragrance without the flame!

Simply place a cube on the warmer and let it melt. The wax can be used as a lotion, like our Soi Candles, but there is no flame! Simply remove and replace the wax when necessary.
  • Hand poured scented Soy Wax
  • Use in one of our candle or plug in warmers
  • 6 cubes to a package / per fragrance
  • 1 package per fragrance
  • One cube will last between 30 and 50 hours. The time will vary on the scent chosen, and on how high you have you lamp.
  • Use one cube at a time, one package of Coo scents will last from 120 to 300 hours!

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