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Cinnamon Bark - Organic
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Cinnamon Bark - Organic
Warm, sensuous, sweet-amber oil from the bark of cinnamon trees organically grown in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon's warming and stimulating effect helps revive states of emotional and physical coldness and depression.

Treats fatigue, weakness and burnout. Cinnamon's sensualizing action releases endorphins to relieve emotional inhibition, frigidity and impotence. The oil promotes vitality and increases self-esteem.

On the skin (in a carrier) this oil helps strengthen connective tissue and stimulates blood flow (good for a cellulite rub!).

Caution: skin-irritant oil, so avoid using directly on skin, use in a massage oil base or scrub, or diffusion only.

  • Latin Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  • Steam Distilled from the Bark
* Qty  1 oz $ 75.00
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