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Aromatherapy Properties: Stimulating, revitalizing, restorative. Purifying and cleansing. Balancing.

Suggested Use: Sniff directly from the bottle to curb your appetite. Very satisfying, 0 calories! Fennel creates a sensation of saturation and"fullness"in the stomach, and is one of the top weight loss scents. On the skin (in a carrier) this oil helps strengthen connective tissue and stimulates blood flow (good for a cellulite rub!).

Blends Well With: Fennel is a valuable addition to aromatherapy blends that lack warmth, spice and "fullness". Easily overpowering, use in very small amounts.

History: Ancient medical remedy. Folk tradition believes it supports courage and strength. Also used to ward off evil spirits. It is distilled from the seeds of a tall, feathery herb that loves to grow by the sea. Native to the Mediterranean, it was introduced to the Californian coast by Italian fishermen. Its aroma perfectly blends with the sights and smells of the ocean, and rubbing some fennel between your fingers can really enrich the experience of an ocean stroll. Also called licorice plant, due to its aroma.
  • Latin Name: Fonneculum vulgare var. dulce
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Conventionally Grown, Steam Distilled from the seeds
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