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18 oz Candles
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Did you know your favorite candle can also be your
favorite skin moisturizer? SOI Candles are hand-
poured using 100%, FDA approved, kosher soy oil
and burn cleaner than paraffin-based candles. They
are triple-fragranced with a variety of delightful
aromas to match the décor and accentuate the feel of
your home. Never overpowering, one SOI Candle can
scent a 2500 square foot area. 140 hour burn time.

  • Unlike wax, soy oil burns coolly at 106º into a reflective pool of soy that always remains warm to the touch and will not burn little hands. Also - the melt pool can also be used as a skin moisturizer that can be massaged into any dry or irritated areas. It can also be applied as a soothing remedy to sunburned skin, eczema, psoriasis, and poison oak!
  • *Available in a variety of sizes, our candles burn about 40% longer than wax candles, are soot-free and do not emit any harmful toxins (like Benzene) into your home. While supplies last
  • Asian Citrus: A fresh yet exotic intermingling of citrus
  • Blanc de blanc: White grapes, oak moss, freesia, sandalwood, amber
  • Blood Orange: Blended Blood Oranges with the subtle hint of fresh raspberries and mandarins.
  • Chai Latte: An Exotic Blend of Indian spices with cinnamon, clove and vanilla
  • Cherry Blossom: Asian pear, plums and Japanese cherry blossom with hints of oakmoss
  • Citrus & Teak: A daring blend of mandarin, lemon-lime and teak
  • Crimson Apple(NEW): Combines the crisp fragrances of applewood, vetiver, oakmoss & patchouli.
  • Island Breeze: A relaxing combination of sea spray and fresh coconut
  • Lavender Fields: A true, clean scent to relax the senses
  • Moon Sparkle: Strawberry, black currant, jasmine, musk
  • Peppermint Kiss: A cool kiss of peppermint, spearmint & winter green
  • Pomegranate and Pear: The fresh smell of pear infused with the tang of pomegranate
  • Rosemary Lavender: Opposites attract in this invigorating floral fragrance. The stimulating essence of rosemary works to balance the relaxing scent of lavender. Soothing, yet energizing!
  • Salted Caramel: Rich caramel with a hint of sea salt
  • Thai Lemongrass: A wonderfully earthy and exotic fragrance
  • Vanilla-Orange: The bold aroma of vanilla and orange

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