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Or as we like to say...Scent-imonials!

"Now, that I have remodeled my bathroom, I truly feel pampered with my new bathroom filled with soaps, bath salts, lotions, candles, and oils. And the finishing touch of the oils, to make me smell sensational. Thank you for the great service Tarah & Chris."
Felicia - At home in Bakersfield

"The creams and oils are wonderful I have bought quite a few soy candles and the aromas are fantastic. I always keep a couple on hand as they make wonderful last minute gifts. They may be last minute, but I alwasy feel good about giving the candles, as they do make great gifts. Everyone who I have given them too, loves them. Scents that even make sense to grandma. Makes me feel young again!!!!. Love it!!"
Barbara - Sacramento, CA

"After hearing how .25 oz of their perfume oil would last up to a year, I was skeptical. However, I have had my .25 oz now for over two years and not only does it still smell terrific, but there's still over 3/4 of it left! These natural oil products have truly discovered the fountain of youth for the flower aromas they are made from. Where perfumes mixed with alcohol will turn rancid after time, these smell beautiful much longer! The vibrant scent of fruit and flower combos always help to brighten my day!

Scents by the Bay offers such a variety of scents, it's easy and fun to find those that bring out my own unique styles and moods!"
Kristina - San Francisco, CA

"Hello - I wanted to let you know how amazing your fragrances are. I tried the Pineapple Cilantro and the White Tea and Ginger and loved them! I mix a few drops into a handful of Shea Butter Lotion and smooth it on after my bath; my skin stays soft and fragrant for hours. Thanks!"
Kathy - Austin, TX

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful products. I have been a nantucketoils.com then www.scentsbythebay.com shopper for a while. All your products are high quality, last longer than alcohol based perfumes, and you offer such unique gifts. I always enjoy looking at the new items you offer online and the great deals you have. The emails are a great reminder of your specials and when I need to restock! Thanks so much!"
Le - Fremont, CA

"" I LOVE the soy candles! The warm wax after you blow out the candles feels so yummy when rubbed on my hands. I have purchased many of these and have given them as gifts. They last a long time too! The reed diffusers also are nice. They last a long time as well! Great products at great prices. You will not be disappointed!!

I also love that I am able to get Safari - especially since it has been discontinued by Ralph Lauren. The fragrance is wonderful. Thank you!"
Karen - Redondo Beach, CA

"I Love my new oils, I can't stop using them! Thanks!"
Diana - New York, NY

"My wife absolutely loves these products! She has a ton of the oils, the matching body products, and I even like the Bee bars, the solid lotion is great for my dry hands!"
Randy Nagel - Rocklin, CA

"They not only have some of the best oils out there, they have great customer service! I was upset when the store on Pier 39 closed, but Tarah always goes out of her way to make sure my needs are met, and have even special ordered fragrances I was looking for!"
Julianna - Scottsdale, AZ

"I am one of those people who was never able to wear perfumes... until I found Scents by the Bay at the Rocklin Hot Chili Cool Cars event last year. Since the fragrances are made without alcohol, they don't bother me at all! I also love the fact that I can match my favorite fragrance with my body products, that is amazing! Thanks guys!"
Stephanie - Reno, NV

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